Building Professionals

We do the work for you!

Variety of factors are involved in finding the right company that understand good taste, elegance, and quality. At Avestex, our team is dedicated to create a strategic plan for our clients that maximizes their happiness and minimizes their costs.

Purpose & Core Values

Our Purpose

We serve our clients, our employees, and our community by turning visions into reality. To us, it's more than four walls and a roof. A building connects people and spaces and community.

We serve our clients by delivering high-performance facilities designed and built according to our clients' unique vision and needs - facilities that help them reach their dreams.

We serve our employees by providing an opportunity to develop, grow and provide for their families.

We serve our community by being active, engaged, and involved as a business and as individuals.

Our Core Values

Safety First

On every job site, the safety of our employees, subcontractors, and clients comes before all else. It means we are constantly looking out for one another, so at the end of the day, everybody goes home safe to their families.

Build Lasting Client Relationships Through Superior Service, Value, and Performance

AVESTEX is a performance-built and relationship-driven construction company. To that end, we want to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We do this by delivering high-performance buildings and a unique and positive experience along the way. By focusing on what is most important to clients for any given project, we maximize the value of their investment and deliver solutions uniquely centered on their specific needs.

Do What’s Right. Act with Honor and Integrity.

Every decision and every action taken by our people is done with this core value in mind. Our commitment to the highest standard of ethics has been a guiding principle since our founding and continues to be as we build into the future.

Be Fair and Respectful in All Relationships.

At Avestex, we promise every person we come in contact with on our projects and in our business will be treated with fairness and respect. We value the input and expertise of all project stakeholders.

Develop People and Provide Them Opportunity.

We believe in unlocking the amazing potential inside people. We invest in our people through training, education, and leadership development. We have an appetite for knowledge and learning, and we encourage our people to develop their skills and talents. We give them the opportunity to develop and provide for their families while being positive contributors to our community.


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